Dental News

Major changes coming to dental coverage for military retirees.

November 15, 2018

Dental insurance for military retirees is undergoing a major change this year, with coverage shifting from the Tricare Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) to the Federal Employees Dental and Visions Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

What does this mean for retired veterans who are currently enrolled in TRDP?

According to the Military Times, the 1.4 million beneficiaries of TRDP will need to enroll in FEDVIP during the open enrollment season that began November 12th and will continue until December 10th. Those beneficiaries who do not take action will lose coverage under TRDP on January 1st, 2019.

Patrick Grady, Chief of the Tricare Health Plan, states that the new program provides more choices and more coverage to its beneficiaries. Open enrollment season allows military retirees to select their own plan for the first time.

The new FEDVIP program will also provide vision insurance to its enrollees (another first for the program), with 4 different vision carriers to choose from.

Open enrollment season is the only time for military retirees to enroll in the new plan. Retirees who were previously covered under TRDP must re-enroll in the new FEDVIP plan. After December 10th, 2018, new enrollees will not be able to join until next year’s open enrollment season (unless they experience a qualifying life event).

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