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Demystify Digital Marketing For Your Practice

By Planet DDS
April 22, 2021

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If you’re like a lot of doctors, you feel lost when contemplating digital advertisement. You get bombarded with messages telling you to set up Google ads, display ads, and social media promotions…on every channel! Then if you do pay for advertisement, how do you know if your efforts are worthwhile? What do terms like CPM and CPC even mean? 


Don’t let digital advertising scare you! In this 4-part video series, Legwork Co-CEOs, Korey and Jeff, draw on over two decades of experience helping thousands of health practices grow, and explain in lay terms the best strategies for leveraging digital marketing. The videos cover:

  1. SEO For Doctors and Health Practices –get answers to your FAQs surrounding SEO 

  2. Search Engine Marketing For Doctors –discover the three primary types of SEM and how they work together 

  3. How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Healthcare Business –learn how to set your budget based on industry standards, and the steps necessary to optimize your digital marketing 

  4.  Is Your Healthcare Marketing Successful? How to Measure Digital Ad Results