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Convert More Chiropractic Website Visitors Into Patients

By Planet DDS
June 22, 2021

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5 Essential Pieces to Grow Your Practice With Less Effort

By Dr. Greg Grillo

Every brand needs to map out online territory and present a compelling invitation to distracted consumers. Even in yesteryear, the average person visited

136 pages

through dialup every day. Today, people spend the equivalent of

100 days

out of the year connected to the internet. If they’re anywhere near your practice, you have an opportunity to help them spend a little of their time visiting your website.

A strategic online marketing plan will push and pull visitors to your online real estate, and draw upon experts in chiropractic marketing to design effective campaigns. But when a visitor clicks to your site, you don’t have much time to impress them. It’s nice to attract a thousand visitors via Facebook ads in June, but if they’re gone in a few seconds, you’ll never see them in your office–that’s a lost opportunity.

A well-oiled chiropractic website includes seamless gears operating behind the digital hood and converts visitors into patients. Here are five ways to increase both conversions and profitability:

1. Don’t Overlook Your Web Design: First Impressions Count

The overall design of your chiropractic website makes a first impression that determines whether you get more time with curious visitors. People generally form opinions within .05 seconds, and

94% of those initial impressions

are design-related.

Researchers have shown that

six different sections

of the website captured eye movements more than others. Visitors arrive on a site with a subconscious expectation about the design elements they’ll find. For chiropractic practices, ignoring this psychology raises the risk that visitors will click away and check out the next practice in their search results.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression; website design leaves an instant mark. A careful balance of visual and content elements appeals to first-time visitors and encourages them to return.

Legwork Websites

combine design and consumer psychology to create custom websites that capture attention. Personalized brand elements help visitors learn why you’re different and why you deserve their trust.

2. Elevate The User Experience: Viewers Expect Excellence

Your chiropractic website starts with a captivating design, but the user decides to stay or go depending on their overall experience. Google considers the time visitors spend on websites in formulating SEO results, and

75% of website traffic

runs through this search engine.

A stellar user experience includes technical components that depend on reliable platforms. For example, if a page takes more than three seconds to load,

40% of visitors will click away

. But it also includes tangible pieces that provide a reason to return to your site, such as online scheduling capability or new blog articles linked to social media posts.

Legwork Online Booking

allows patients to choose a convenient appointment time without calling during business hours.

Legwork Patient Portal

opens the door to 24/7 connectivity for patients to interact with your practice. More integrated tools lead to more website activity. And even though a new site visitor doesn’t always use embedded components, their presence sends a message about the value you place on innovation.

3. Mobilize And Optimize: Stay With The Moving Crowd

Your website needs to function without a glitch on a small screen considering that

80% of the U.S. population carries a mobile device

. Google considers mobile-friendliness in search rankings, but users pass first judgment by staying or going. Simple tools like this

mobile-friendly test

by Google provide insight into how a site measures up.

Consumers continue to grow more reliant on mobile devices, and they want instant information from their phones. The popularity of Google Maps and “near me” searches highlight the real-time information that users want. If a savvy campaign puts your practices at the top of local search results, the next click should serve them a site made to perform on mobile.

Legwork Websites

incorporate mobile functionality at the next level of performance, making sites look sharp and load quickly across all platforms and devices. Embed

Legwork Paperless

into the site, and patients experience excellent functionality, too. They can complete forms before stepping into the office and then take care of bills later with

Legwork Pay


4. Give Reasons To Stay: Assess And Educate

A fast-loading, clean design encourages visitors to scroll down the page, but you can give them more reasons to stay there. Users spend

88% more time on pages with videos

; for chiropractic practices, testimonial videos and other multimedia can explain treatment, provide an office tour, or feature staff bios.

Assessments and quizzes work like videos to engage visitors with an additional interactive element. Prospective patients explore goals for their health and develop a psychological connection that goes beyond your website. Contact information provided through these interactive tools can set up a workflow that nurtures curious visitors further along their journey. With the right approach, you’ll turn more clicks into patients.

Push-pull technology encourages new and returning visitors to explore topics that interest them before they schedule an appointment. But the process sometimes takes a little time, and

Legwork Funnels

provides the tools to keep website visitors moving. It doesn’t matter if you’re using

Legwork Websites

or your platform; these tools integrate to increase the horsepower of your website.

5. Maximize Word Power: Content Leads To Action

Most visitors spend

less than six seconds

reading written content, so main website content needs to be digestible, easy on the eyes, and consistent with your brand.

People don’t like finding long chunks of text when they click through to a website, and most visitors only read about 20% of the words on a page.

On the other hand,

80% of consumers

are more likely to purchase goods or services from brands that offer personalized experiences, including quality content. Helpful blog posts with a patient-friendly tone can educate patients on the benefits of exceptional chiropractic care and position you as a top-shelf authority in the field. These efforts take relationship-building to the next level after you’ve earned their interest and respect.

Legwork Campaigns

works in sync with your website to build relationships with site visitors. Patients are encouraged to read articles or download eBooks on specific subjects selected from a customized library on a wide variety of topics. A monthly blog combined with email marketing campaigns can help customize specific topics to certain patient demographics and keep visitors returning to your website.

Convert And Grow With a Chiropractic Website That Works

An optimized chiropractic website takes advantage of the consumer trends that are impacting your practice in a world emerging from COVID-19. Some patients are ready for chiropractic services, but others continue to procrastinate about elective care. Regardless of market conditions, nearly

two billion websites

jockey for a piece of attention, and your URL can easily fade from view without a proactive approach.

From coffee shops to chiropractors, the best businesses invest in unique websites. This extra effort produces compelling features that engage visitors, gather contact information, and bring people back multiple times. Legwork chiropractic website designers use proven techniques that work today, not five years ago. Technical features, artistic flair, and custom content blend to help you maximize your online presence. And today, your website marketing strategy shows both new and existing patients why you’re the best choice for their wellness!


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