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Beyond The Tooth: Understanding Millennial Patients

By Planet DDS
February 5, 2021

Stop guessing you know what your patients want. In this three-part webinar series, we explore patients’ perspectives on dentistry according to Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. You don’t need to create a “spa” for everyone, but by understanding various demographics, you’re able to take care of each generation more personally. Influence your practice for growth by providing optimal care for every generation!

Our first webinar in this series features a panel discussion between Millennial dental patients and Legwork Product Marketing Manager, Charlie Van Liew. Listen to this free panel on-demand to find out what Millennial patients actually want and help drive growth at your practice. 

Discover how Millennial patients:

  • Feel about using new technology like teledentistry

  • Decide which dentist to visit

  • Prefer to make their payments

  • Want to get reminded about upcoming appointments

  • Share about their dental experiences, and ways you can encourage more positive reviews!


  • Charlie Van Liew (Moderator), Legwork Product Marketing Manager

Millennial Panelists:

  • Michelle Sandeen

  • Hank Van Liew