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6 Ways to Adjust Your Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

By Planet DDS
September 15, 2021

By Dr. Greg Grillo

In practice, you know that a slight spinal adjustment makes a significant difference in wellness. And patients agree: A

military study

showed that chiropractic care combined with standard medical care for low back pain provides greater relief and a more significant reduction in disability than medical care alone.

In the same way, minor adjustments to your chiropractic marketing strategy offer a wellness boost to your practice and its bottom line. A practice website is a good foundation, but is it optimized for mobile, local search, and return visitors? A Facebook page is a start, but do you schedule a dozen social media posts every month and add targeted paid Facebook ad campaigns?

Consider these six adjustments to your chiropractic marketing strategy, and set the stage for more patients and growth in the months ahead:

1. Develop a Website Worth Visiting

A chiropractic website marks your online property and offers a clear place for your community to interact with your practice. Google receives

a billion health-related searches daily

, and those searchers need to go somewhere. If you capture your local search results, you want the next landing spot to engage, impress, and captivate visitors.

Google Trends

reports that searches for “severe lower back pain treatment” rose 300% over the past 12 months. When someone in your region searches for chiropractic services to address this problem, they want a solution. If your website provides a landing site to address their pain, you’re on track to see a new patient.

Patients with pain are searching for answers while you read this article. They’re looking for a chiropractor who’s both trustworthy and capable of relieving their pain.


Don’t cut corners with a stock website that looks like every other practice in the area.

Legwork Websites

offers cutting-edge designs, customization, and tools to keep visitors engaged while preparing for the next step.

2. Check Your Business Listings

Your Google My Business page helps searchers discover your practice, find your contact information and website, and look at your reviews. Inaccurate listings confuse patients and tarnish your brand image, and the damage doesn’t stop there. The complex algorithm of Google considers many factors for SEO, and if your chiropractic business has inaccurate listings, that’ll work against your results.

The average business is found in

1,009 searches monthly

, and nearly half of them will get more than 1,000 search views. Even if you earn an average 5% click rate, the exposure adds up.


Legwork Local

takes the uncertainty away by optimizing your listings and ensuring your best reviews show up. And they don’t stop there. Dozens of additional listings, such as Bing and Yelp, get attention to keep them accurate, too. Consistency boosts your brand in the minds of consumers and search engines.

3. Turbocharge Your Reviews Strategy

Patients rely on reviews from sources like Facebook and Google the same way they turn to their friends. In fact,

84% of consumers trust online reviews

as much as friends. A healthy flow of reviews can drive practice growth, and at least

4 out of 10 patients would go out-of-network

for a provider with solid reviews.

A practice won’t always get 5-star reviews, but the occasional negative feedback provides opportunities to respond. Consumers gauge the way businesses handle criticism, and a thoughtful, empathetic answer shows the character of your business. Monitor and respond to negative reviews to keep your marketing strategy tuned up.


Consumers show the most interest in recent reviews, and a steady flow of reviews builds credibility.

Legwork Reviews

automates the process by sending email and text messages that link directly to your Google and Facebook reviews. After an appointment, your patient gets a request and leaves a review. Plus, you can monitor your reviews directly from your dashboard.

4. Add Laser-Sharp Chiropractic Advertising

A solid online marketing strategy involves organic and paid elements that connect with the hearts and minds of consumers. Chiropractic advertising targets niche demographics and helps you answer the consumer’s call for specific answers. Consumers often respond to local healthcare brands that help them make their lives better.

For example, you could design a campaign that displays ads when Google users enter “How to treat neck pain.” Your ad shows up and links to a landing page on your website. Your landing page may offer a free e-report or a virtual visit as the next step.


Legwork Search Marketing reaches prospective patients by designing an ad strategy on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Intent-based advertising ties your ads to specific searches, such as “back pain.” Your healthcare ads get rounded out with brand-building display campaigns on social media accounts or Google by familiarizing your community with your brand. Familiarity paves the way for clicks during intent-based searches. Legwork knows how to customize strategies for healthcare to help you grow your practice.

5. Make Blogging A Marketing Tool

A blog tied to your chiropractic website design adds impact to your marketing strategy. Articles from your practice offer your community a trustworthy voice on health matters. And Google appreciates new content and the traffic it generates as it churns out SEO results.

Businesses with a blog enjoy an advantage over competitors who don’t bother posting. In fact,

70% of people report

they’d rather learn about companies through an article instead of advertising. In high-trust professions, articles give consumers a deeper look into your knowledge and background.


Adding articles with 500-1000 words of content at least once a month keeps your brand authority elevated. But writing and posting regular content isn’t always an easy task. Legwork takes the strain off with a library that provides regular content you can add to your chiropractic blog. New, ongoing content boosts your SEO and makes your website an authoritative source for Google algorithms and interested consumers.

6. Boost Chiropractic Social Media Marketing

Social media continues to capture attention across the globe. Over 2.5 billion users worldwide spent

over 1300 hours on various social platforms

in 2020, an increase over previous years. And if healthcare practices aren’t there, we’re missing the boat. Since

81% of small and medium businesses

use social media, chiropractors need a presence, too. A solid chiropractic social media marketing strategy tweaks your brand stature and meets people where they’re spending their time.

Practices can choose from multiple social media platforms, but most practices find the best returns from Facebook and Instagram. Americans invest

58 minutes daily on Facebook

, which allows you to drip your story out to your region. Social media engagement works best when practices combine steady organic posts with targeted paid campaigns. But consistency on social media adds another challenge for busy healthcare practices.


Legwork Healthcare Digital Marketing

helps you deliver ongoing social media content for your brand without management headaches. If you’re haphazardly posting, adjust to a steady drip to entrench your brand into your local community. Legwork also helps balance paid social campaigns with organic posts to leverage your exposure without any added effort.

Small Chiropractic Marketing Ideas With Big Results

Consumers rarely make purchase decisions based on a single brand interaction, especially in healthcare. A successful strategy results from integrating multiple chiropractic marketing ideas with exceptional personal service. In every healthcare niche, we’re attracting people to a relationship, not a transaction. Gentle adjustments to our overall marketing strategy can strengthen those connections and help build our success.

Legwork offers a single-platform solution to support relationship-based healthcare, and consumers crave that more than ever.

Previous research

shows that stronger relationships between patients and providers produce better treatment outcomes. Whether in the offices of our local businesses or on our websites, the opportunity to strengthen connections helps us grow and rise above the competition.

If you’d like to explore how your chiropractic practice can attract more patients and boost your bottom line, schedule a free strategic session ($799 value) with a Legwork marketing export today.