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5 Surprising Facts About Dental Imaging Software Implementation and Conversion – Part 4: Why Apteryx XVWeb Series

By Planet DDS
June 15, 2021

One of the top reasons dental practices are reluctant to switch imaging software (or any software) is their fear of the conversion process. A lot of people get nervous imagining what could go wrong and how cumbersome the process could be. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of unknowns. How much experience does this company have converting from my current system? How complicated is the entire process? How disruptive will conversion be? We’ll share some facts that you might be surprised to learn about dental imaging software implementation and conversion.

This article will also walk you through our tried-and-true implementation process and demystify the conversion process for Apteryx Imaging, XVWeb.

Surprise #1: Imaging conversions can be completed without any disruption to your practice at all.

One of the first questions you might have, and a fair one at that, is: How disruptive will the conversion process be? With any conversion, it’s natural to assume that there must be some disruption to your day-to-day practice. However, you might be surprised to learn that there is no interruption to your practice when Apteryx Imaging performs conversions to our cloud system. The conversion happens in the background and does not cause any downtime or delays for your practice, allowing for a hassle-free conversion.

Surprise #2: Many imaging software companies do not have the technology or know-how to perform successful conversions.

As odd as it seems, with dental imaging software, you can’t assume that just because a company sells imaging software, they can also perform a successful conversion. In fact, many of our competitors white-label our product and continue to outsource the conversion process to Apteryx because they can’t do it themselves.

So why don’t more of our competitors know how to do a successful conversion? In short because it’s hard.

Many of our competitors don’t have the staff, expertise, or technology to do successful conversions. With our conversion process, we’ve invested years into developing our converter tool and perfecting the process. In addition, we’ve customized the conversion process from all major systems. The result is a time-tested process and a smooth conversion experience for our clients that our competitors simply can’t replicate.

Below is a list of all major systems we’ve converted from over the years. For systems other than what’s listed, we will gladly work with you on a manual conversion. Having performed thousands of conversions, it’s highly likely we’ve had extensive experience converting from your current system, too.

Surprise #3: It’s not a complicated process if you know what you’re doing.

Next, you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, this company has done this before, but how complicated is it, really?” The answer is, when you have as much experience and technology as we do, it makes for a worry-free experience for you. Implementing our dental software can be broken down into five basic steps.

  • Initial conversion: We will convert all your imaging data up to the initial conversion date during the initial conversion process. This will give your office time to review the data to make sure it’s to your satisfaction.
  • Software installation: Your new Apteryx XVWeb imaging software will be installed at each office with hardware extensions.
  • Trainings: We offer interactive web-based training for all your staff members so all users can have a clear understanding of XVWeb, sensor operation, and image quality. We encourage dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and any other individual who will be taking X-rays to attend trainings for optimum results.
  • Final differential conversion: At this time we will convert any new data that was added to your database after the initial conversion.
  • Go-Live Date: Congratulations! From this day forward, your office will utilize Apteryx software for their imaging needs. This is just the beginning of a lifetime relationship as our customer. Your subscription for cloud-based XVWeb includes lifetime support, backups, upgrades, and updates.

Surprise #4: Conversions are generally done in two stages: Initial and Final Differential.

Because imaging databases tend to be large, we generally conduct conversions in two stages. (Some systems only require a single conversion with data mapping. Find out if yours is an exception!) The first stage, called the Initial Conversion, is when we migrate the bulk of the images to XVWeb from your existing system. The second stage, called the Final Differential Conversion, which you can think of as a “catch-up conversion,” migrates any new images that your practice added to your database from the time of the initial conversion to the date of the final differential conversion.

Surprise #5: Conversions might be completed faster than you think.

With imaging databases becoming larger, you might think the conversion process is a long, drawn-out process. Of course, each database and conversion is different, so some are completed faster, and some require more time. Keep in mind that the conversion takes place behind the scenes and does not impact your practice one bit.

Our general guidance is that images are available on your new system about two weeks after the start of the complete initial conversion. Factors such as larger databases for larger practices or if conversions need to be restarted can affect the completion time. Since final differential conversions typically include data from a much shorter time frame (3 months or less), those images are generally available within 2-3 business days. Please note that some systems can take longer, but again the conversion process requires no downtime for your office. Contact our team to find out more information.

No Surprises with XVWeb by Apteryx Imaging

With XVWeb by Apteryx, you’ll work with a team of experts from the beginning of the implementation process and you’ll continue to receive lifetime support. We are committed to providing smooth, five-star service during and beyond the implementation and conversion process. Talk with an expert to find out how easily you can switch to XVWeb.

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