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eBook: 3 Costly Dental Practice Mistakes and How the Cloud Can Help Avoid Them

September 01, 2015

The model for running a solo dental practice hasn’t changed much in decades. The dentist focuses on delivery of care, while delegating mos, if not all, aspects of running the business to staff. In the last ten years, technology has dramatically increased our access to information and changed how we interact with
one another. A decade ago, Google was just getting its start. Cell phones were just…phones. And the internet came to us over a phone line. Yet for all of the advances in technology, most dental practices still run practice management software that was written in the 90s.

This model worked as long as the business side wasn’t too complex. But in today’s hyper-competitive dental industry, practices need structured processes and systems in place, with continuous monitoring. And dentists can’t afford to ignore office performance.

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