XVWeb® 3D is a revolutionary cloud solution for 3D dental imaging

A true game-changer for 3D imaging workflow and accessibility, XVWeb 3D allows you to store, access and plan treatments with your CBCT data from any compatible web-enabled device. Requiring no download of data to your local computer, all XVWeb 3D CBCT image enhancements and manipulations are performed in the cloud, including image optimization, slicing, nerve canal tracing and implant planning.

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Apteryx XVWeb 3D Features

Features & Benefits
  • 24/7 access to CBCT and STL image data from compatible internet-connected devices
  • No downloading of CBCT files for treatment planning – all functions are performed via the cloud
  • Independently audited HIPAA-compliant solution ensures secure data transmissions and protection of patient privacy with off-site data backup
  • Full suite of image optimization and treatment planning tools, including: image enhancement/ manipulation, clinical filters, measurement tools, nerve canal tracing and implant planning
  • Implant library for accurate implant planning
  • Open-architecture design for compatibility with most major CBCT manufacturers
  • Native DICOM-standard format
  • Eliminates upfront capital costs for hardware, servers and software
  • Provides more predictable cost structure for software and technology with no surprises
  • Clinical project managers and IT engineers assure smooth, turnkey implementation with ongoing service and support
  • Monthly subscription includes all updates and annual IT maintenance
Functionality & Tools
  • Volume rendering with window/level controls and presets
  • Zoom (including quick 1:1 and Fit buttons)
  • Measurements (linear, polygonal, and angular)
  • Annotations
  • Curved slice/ pano reconstruction
  • Implant planning with implant library
  • Nerve canal tracing
  • Secure data sharing
  • XVWeb 3D is designed with open-architecture so that it is compatible with the majority of cone-beam systems on the market today, including direct integration with:

    • Rayscan
    • Carestream Dental
    • Planmeca
    • Vatech
    • Owandy
    • NewTom

    Apteryx strives to build direct integration to all hardware. For the devices that are not directly supported, the CBCT data can be imported using the XVWeb CT Importer.  With the CT importer, any CBCT that can be exported in DICOM can be imported into XVWeb.

Database Conversion

With our Database Conversion service, we can merge the x-rays, scans, photos, and templates from your previous dental imaging software into the Apteryx Imaging database. This will allow you to manage all of your images in one database, rather than switching back and forth between different softwares. The conversion will also maintain image quality, patient demographic data, tooth numbers, taken dates, etc. We will work personally with your office to guarantee that the conversion results meet your expectations.


  • Carestream / KDI / Orthodontic Imaging
  • Curve Dental (Curve Hero)
  • DentalEye
  • Dentrix Image
  • Dexis
  • Eaglesoft / Patterson Imaging
  • Mediadent
  • MOGO
  • PatientGallery
  • Planmeca Dimaxis / Romexis
  • ProImage
  • Schick CDR DICOM
  • Sidexis
  • Tigerview
  • Visix
  • VixWin (see supported bridged modes below)
  • XDR
Data Mapping Services

During data conversions, data may be changed or corrected. Common scenarios are:

  • Switching practice management software may require an ID update in imaging data to preserve the “link” between the systems
  • Single database joining enterprise system
  • Bad data entry techniques historically

You will need to provide a spreadsheet mapping the old ID numbers to the new ID numbers. Once the ID mapping is complete, you will need to test and confirm that the new IDs are as expected.

The basic ID mapping service does not include additional matching of the patient data according to other criteria, such as the date of birth, or any other cleanup of the patient data, such as removing or adding middle initials or SSNs. These services are purchased at an hourly rate.

If an issue with the patient demographic information was caused specifically by the conversion – such as invalid DOBs that did not exist in the original database – those will be corrected at no additional charge.

During the Data Mapping service Apteryx works with the customer to determine the state of their existing data, what the data needs to look like, and what is possible with automated tools. Please set up an appointment with one of our conversion specialists at 877-APTERYX.

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XVWeb 3D takes cloud imaging to new heights with the integration of 3D. A full-featured 3D analysis and planning software, XVWeb 3D allows you to access your 3D images from any compatible web-connected device:

  • Store & retrieve 3D data via XVWeb
  • Open-architecture design works with hardware from most major CBCT manufacturers
  • Includes clinical filters, image enhancement functionality, measurement tools, nerve canal tracing and implant planning

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