Apteryx XVWeb Dental Imaging Software

Apteryx XVWeb is a cloud-based and AI-enabled dental imaging solution that allows you to store, view, and optimize clinical images for treatment planning that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

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I would not move to any other software. At this price point and what you get for it, there is nothing out on the market that will save me more money or give me better results.

– Dr. Jonathan Penchas, Managing Partner, Midtown Dentistry

Advanced AI Capabilities In Dental Imaging Have Arrived

Streamline Workflows

Save time by logging into one system to capture, view, enhance, and analyze x-rays with AI using Apteryx XVWeb.

Increase Production

With built-in AI capabilities, practices can experience an increase of up to 20% in production while enhancing provider-patient relationships.

Improve Case Acceptance

Easily view and share AI-analyzed images to highlight problem areas, boosting case acceptance by up to 21%.

Save Time, Money, and Headaches with
Apteryx XVWeb Imaging

Scale with Device Agnostic Software

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Secure Sharing Portal

Apteryx Imaging is an AI-enabled, cloud-based dental imaging solution that allows dentists to capture,
view, edit, annotate, and send images securely and easily with an internet connection.


  • Full clinical suite, including templates, bitewings, & measurement tools
  • Sensor Integrations
  • Practice Management Integrations
  • AI Integration
  • DICOM Image Formatting
  • Secure Sharing Portal
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Optional 3D viewer
  • View and Store STL files

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