Introduction to Advanced Charting

Introduction to Advanced Charting

Denticon’s Advanced Charting module is a one-of-a-kind charting experience. This enhanced tabbed interface provides a comprehensive view of the restorative chart, perio chart, x-rays, and progress notes.

These four different tabs can be popped out, allowing clinicians to view multiple windows at one time on the same screen (or on a second screen, side-by-side). For example, Denticon’s Advanced Charting gives users the ability to enter progress notes while reviewing the restorative chart. For dental offices accustomed to switching back and forth between menus and separate windows, it’s a game-changer.

Even better, Advanced Charting allows clinicians to view x-ray images within the odontogram itself. No more moving back and forth between practice management software and imaging software—just click on a tooth in the odontogram and watch a thumbnail of the x-ray for that tooth appear on the same screen. This thumbnail can be re-sized, moved around, or even displayed on a second monitor.

Advanced Charting contains a number of other time-saving features, including a timeline view showing previous chart versions. Best of all, it’s part of Denticon’s all-inclusive cloud solution, available online via web browser anytime, anywhere you have internet access.

Advanced Charting Tabs-1

Restorative Chart Tab

A timeline view at the top of the chart allows the users to see when and what updates where made to the chart in the past.

Timeline view


Perio Chart Tab

The new version is utilized allowing users to toggle between data entry and graphical views.

Perio Chart New


X-Ray Tab

Dentiray Web subscribers are be able to view and edit images from the embedded view in Advanced Charting. 


Progress Notes Tab

When viewing the progress notes tab, there is an icon in the upper right corner that allows the user to pop-out the window.

When the pop-out icon is clicked, the new progress notes window can be moved, allowing users to view the other tabs of Advanced Charting. This is very helpful for users with multiple monitors. For example, now a user can enter progress notes while viewing the other Advanced Charting tabs for the same patient. In future releases, the other tabs will also have the pop-out icon.

Progress Notes pop-out

A new “Show All” button has been added to the Progress Notes for users who need to view the full list of progress notes. To return to the page listing, users can click “Show Pages” from the full list view.

Show All Progress Notes


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