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Join us as Tim Kelley, Founder of TNT Dental, the first company to focus exclusively on websites for dentists, will discuss the 16 Keys to Practice Growth in 2021. In this session you will cover:

Topics we'll be going over:

  • Discussion of the Michel Dental Case Study
  • The Big 5
  • The 4 Phases of Practice Growth
  • Conversion: The Key to 3x’s More New Patients
  • Net New Patients™
  • The Hygiene Multiplier
  • Exclusive Insights from 3,735 Patients
  • The True Power of Reviews
  • 7 Things Every Practice Should Measure
  • A Holistic Approach to Lead Generation
  • Cost v. Quality; All Leads are Not Equal
  • Website Fundamentals
  • Making Referrals Your Top Priority
  • Getting on the First Page of Google
  • Embracing Your Community
  • The Importance of Insurance
  • The Ins & Outs of Paid Marketing
  • The Economics of New Patient Offers

A 2021 Planning Guide Workbook will also be provided to all participants.

Panelist Speaking: 

tim kelley crop

Tim Kelley, Founder of TNT Dental

TNT Dental